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Christie Taylor

An Artsy Soul In A Media World

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Christie Taylor was born in Washington D.C., and in the early 1970’s moved with family to West Tennessee. Her early years fostered in her a strong affinity for music performance and radio. Her love of “all things artsy” led to her pursuit of a Communication Degree with concentration in Radio, TV, and Film; and later graduated with a Bachelor in Drama TV and Film Performance from in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her radio career can be traced to her hosting an evening show on KUTA, the university’s radio station. Throughout the years, Christie has worked for radio stations from Detroit to Memphis to Birmingham to St. Louis. Whether serving as a radio personality, a radio host for a monthly entertainment show; or hosting public affairs shows, Christie, has earned the credit of being an award-winning radio personality.

A media personality with a knack for conversational interviews, Christie has had the joy of interviewing celebrities and community influencers on radio, TV, and podcast -- from world-renowned jazz saxophonist, Kirk Whalum to author and speaker,

Stedman Graham. One notable television interview was the author of "Sugar of the Crop: My Journey to Find the Children of Slaves." With over twenty years in the game, Christie has been featured on numerous including Mercedes Benz; as well as TV and billboard advertising campaigns.  

While radio has served as her primary entertainment platform, Christie's acting credits include stage, television, film and radio serials; as well as writing and directing credits for stage and film. &nb