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About Us

A Consultancy Where You Take Center Stage

At Christie Taylor Consulting, we are dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs, creatives, and organizations by offering expert strategic planning tailored to both personal and business goals. Our approach is meticulously crafted to guide you through formulating and executing strategies that elevate your projects and business ventures.

In the realm of media consulting, we provide a comprehensive range of services from transformative media preparation to strategic media ad buying, ensuring you are equipped to maximize your media investments. Our expertise extends to crafting media strategies that resonate with your target audience and enhance your brand presence.

Our communication coaching services are designed to refine your personal communication skills and optimize both internal and external communications strategies. We offer specialized coaching that covers everything from virtual to in-person public speaking, adapting our methods to suit individual needs as well as the demands of large corporations.

Schedule a consultation with Christie today to explore how our bespoke services can help you achieve your desired outcomes. Let us assist you in turning your communication and strategic challenges into your greatest accomplishments.


In 2019, I launched Christie Taylor Consulting, driven by my dedication to empowering others in mastering media communication. With my vast experience across radio, music, television, and film, I recognized a profound need for authentic, confident communication skills in the industry.

Throughout my career, I noticed that many radio guests struggled during their interviews. They often felt nervous, unsure, and unprepared, which hindered their ability to convey their messages effectively. These pain points inspired me to create a service that would address these challenges head-on.

Over the past five years, strategic planning, creative advisement, communication coaching, and media prep have become the cornerstones of Christie Taylor Consulting. My consultancy is driven by the desire to teach emerging talents and seasoned professionals alike to be strategic in communication and planning, ensuring they effectively share their mission and vision with the world.


I want to ensure their voices are not just heard but resonate deeply. My mission is to transform good storytellers into great communicators, equipping them with the tools to live life in full expression.

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