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Are We a Good Fit for You?

The following questions will help you assess if Christie Taylor Consulting aligns with your objectives, expectations, and commitment level. It's important to thoroughly evaluate the fit between your needs and the services offered to ensure a successful and productive partnership.

1. What specific goals do you want to achieve in your media and communications journey?
2. What challenges or obstacles are currently holding you back from reaching those goals?
3. How do you envision your ideal media presence and brand image?
4. What areas of media and communications do you feel most confident in?
5. What areas do you feel you need the most improvement or support?
6. Have you had any previous media or communications training or coaching? If yes, what were the results and what areas would you like to focus on further?
7. What unique strengths or qualities do you bring to your media and communications efforts?
8. What are your expectations for working with Christie Taylor Consulting? What outcomes or results do you hope to achieve?
9. How committed are you to investing time, effort, and resources into developing your media and communications skills?
10. Are you open to trying new strategies and techniques to enhance your media presence and communication effectiveness?
11. How would you like to see your media and communications efforts contribute to the overall success of your personal or professional endeavors?
12. Are there any specific media platforms or channels that are of particular interest or importance to you?
13. What previous experiences or challenges have you encountered in media interviews, public speaking, or storytelling?
14. How would you describe your current level of comfort and confidence when it comes to presenting yourself and your ideas to others?
15. How do you handle feedback and constructive criticism in relation to your media and communications performance?
16. Are there any specific industries, audiences, or topics that are relevant to your media and communications goals?
17. How important is it for you to control and shape your narrative in the media?
18. Are you open to exploring and leveraging digital communication tools and strategies?
19. What is your desired timeline for achieving your media and communications goals?
20. What other specific expectations or questions do you have regarding the services and support offered by Christie Taylor Consulting?

These questions serve as a starting point to help you gain clarity and determine if working with Christie Taylor Consulting aligns with your objectives and aspirations.  If you determine that we are good fit for you or your organization, book a discovery consultation to learn more about our bespoke approach to tailoring our services and training to your unique media and communications needs. 

Unlock Your Media Mastery with Our Empowering Library

LAUNCHING SOON: Our exclusive Media Mastery Library, a treasure trove of knowledge and insights to propel your communication skills to new heights. Dive into a vast collection of ebooks, articles, and resources meticulously curated. Explore titles like "Mastering the Art of Public Speaking," "Powerful Storytelling Techniques for Impactful Presentations," and "Building a Compelling Personal Brand in the Digital Age." Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your media journey, our library provides the tools you need to captivate audiences, nail interviews, and confidently convey your message across various platforms. Embrace the power of knowledge and unlock your full media potential with our Media Mastery Library.

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