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Finding My Voice: The Journey to Christie Taylor Consulting

A collage of photos from my childhood into my adult life chronicling Christie's journey from a quiet child to singer to media personality to actor to filmmaker.
The Journey to Finding My Voice

Growing up as a quiet child who, unfortunately, experienced childhood trauma, I thankfully found solace in literature and music. These creative outlets became my sanctuary and a bridge to the world outside. Through books, poetry, and songs, I began to express my thoughts and emotions, embarking on a transformative journey from silence to self-expression. This profound evolution led me to initially pursue music, which then morphed into a career in media, where I blossomed into a well-respected media personality.

After decades of sharing my voice with others, I discovered my deeper calling: helping people find their own voices through my consultancy.

At Christie Taylor Consulting, my mission is deeply personal. I am dedicated to empowering others to communicate effectively, just as I learned to do. Effective communication is the cornerstone of living fully and achieving one's dreams. Through strategic planning, creative advisement, media consulting, and communication coaching, my goal is to guide individuals and businesses in discovering and sharing their unique stories.

I strive to help others overcome their challenges, becoming confident communicators and leaders in their fields.

Reflecting on my journey, I see the immense growth and countless lives touched along the way. However, I also recognize the vast potential for future impact. Accept this as my sincere invitation to help you at this time in your life ... personally and professionally. Whether you seek to enhance your personal communication skills or elevate your business's media presence, Christie Taylor Consulting is here to support your success.

Together, let's elevate your voice and your story.


Are you ready to transform your life through elevating your communication skills and harnessing the power of your story? If you said yes, book a complimentary 30-minute Discovery session with me today and let's begin your journey towards becoming a master communicator and leader in your industry. I sincerely encourage you to take the steps to a more expressive future.

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