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  • Refine, focus, and excel with our Bespoke Media Prep Session.

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    30 min

    Desde 250 US dollars

Elevate with Expert Media Consulting

With a storied career spanning decades in both traditional broadcast media and cutting-edge new media platforms like podcasting, Christie Taylor brings her wealth of experience to the helm of Christie Taylor Consulting. Our team is dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations to master media interactions with confidence and authenticity, tailored precisely to their unique needs.

Bespoke Media Training Sessions: Tailored specifically to your personal or organizational goals, these sessions enhance public speaking skills, boost on-camera presence, and amplify your unique voice across all media channels. Benefit from increased confidence and clarity in high-stakes environments such as interviews, podcast appearances, and public speeches.

Maxx Out Media Presence Plans: Revitalize your existing media strategy with these comprehensive plans designed to elevate your profile and engagement levels. These services are ideal for clients looking to stand out, offering strategic guidance to harness the full potential of their media presence and create lasting impacts.

Executive Level Media Training: Specially crafted for industry leaders and executives, these training modules focus on advanced communication techniques and crisis management. Clients will gain the ability to navigate complex media interactions with poise and authority, ensuring their messaging remains strong and clear even under pressure.

VIP Days and Multi-Day Retreats: For those seeking an immersive learning experience, these offerings provide intensive training in luxurious settings. They are perfect for clients needing a focused environment to refine their media skills with comprehensive, personalized coaching and actionable insights.

Media Buying Services: Extend your reach effectively with our media buying expertise. We help you identify and utilize the best channels to connect with your target audience, ensuring your campaigns are both cost-effective and impactful.

FCC-Compliant Radio Show Creation: Christie teaches podcasters and independent radio show host how to create radio shows that meet FCC regulations, merging the art of traditional broadcasting with the flexibility of modern podcasting. This service is invaluable for clients aiming to expand their audience base while adhering to broadcasting standards.

At Christie Taylor Consulting, we equip you to navigate the media landscape with ease and confidence, turning every interaction into an opportunity for success. Join us and transform your media engagement into a powerful tool for achieving your goals.

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