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Another Trip Around the Sun: Birthday Reflection

Updated: Apr 6

Wow, 58 trips around the sun!

On this December 30th, I want to express gratitude for my family, friends, and colleagues and all this birthday love pouring in. It's so heartwarming to receive birthday calls, read texts and respond to a flood of Facebook posts. My birthday plans are quite simple. Brunch at a trendy spot, then retreat for a chillaxed Saturday afternoon with napping and Netflix.

Yet writing this is sparking memories I want to explore. Many didn't know, but this year marked my 40th high school class reunion. When I graduated from Millington Central High School in 1983, I had music and Broadway in my view. It was the beginning of my embarking on a four-decade journey into the media and entertainment industry. In spite of challenges and detours, I'm so glad I persisted in following my Divine spark.

As the twenty-four-month countdown to my sixth decade on Planet Earth begins, I'm relaxed and able to embrace my successes and failures. Nothing was wasted. Everything was used to shape my story of resilience. Who I am and who I still desire to become is directly linked to struggle and triumphs. I'll move forward with ease, anchored in my purpose and passion. I'll treasure and leverage relationships with greater intention and care.

It's noted that, 58, is a number symbolizing harmony and balance, while 2024 symbolizes vision and clarity. The thought of harmony, balance, vision, and clarity being interwoven into a leap year, has me energized. Balance and harmony will definitely help me clarify my vision. I'm very excited about Christie Taylor Consulting, and its potential impact on the media and communication landscape, near and far.

Wait! May I have a moment of transparency? This time last year, I wasn't excited or confident about my business. It had become apparent to me that I didn't know what I needed to know in order to take my business further. I desperately wanted to get a better grasp on how to grow a business. I needed my business to reach a point where it was supporting itself and me. So, I jumped at the chance to enroll in two cohorts. Little did I know that attending two cohorts while struggling to manage my business would stretch me to my breaking point.

However, I persisted. I felt a Divine calling to grow my business. To do that, I knew I needed to learn whatever I didn't know about being a successful businessowner. I was determined to finish both, and I did. Thankfully, by the end of August, the Enterprising Women of Color and Next Level Memphis cohorts had given me the tools and confidence required to scale my business and assist a client in doing the same.

Whew! My 57th year truly tested my resolve. Yet, I've adapted a growth mindset, and my vision is in focus. I know I'm in business to help businesses and brands grow. One way I can do that is through sessions like, '2024 Vision Board Mapping' designed to help you align your purpose, passion, and plans for the year. If you like AI, vision board and goal mapping, along with mindfulness techniques, this session is perfect for you.

I'm offering a limited number of slots through January 31st. The icing on the cake is a major discount by applying Promo Code: 58thYear at the time of booking. My friend, it's time to "See Your Future" with greater clarity. Take the step to "Design Your Destiny" by booking your session today.

Aww, switching back to birthday mode. Wow, 58 trips around the sun.


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